Top 10 YouTube Channels for Photoshop Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Oh, the important things that you can do with Photoshop! Visualize having the power to transform just how an image looks, get rid of all the undesirable blemishes, include some information, and also a great deal much more with simply a couple of factors as well as clicks.

This is why Adobe was most definitely on factor with this production, recognizing that it provides individuals the possibility to develop what they think is excellence.

Believe you have what it requires to mess around with Photoshop? Right here are some YouTube networks that you can sign up for as you attempt to understand the ins and also outs of this wonderful software program.


Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials feature professional videos that allow you to explore the different capabilities of the software. It teaches to how to play with lighting and photo effects, and even teaches you how to add text effects.

You can also learn a number of photography essentials, such as skin airbrushing and enhancing the eyes of the subject. Having been on YouTube since 2011, Photoshop Tutorials can teach everyone a lesson or two, regardless of whether you are just starting out or are in the advanced stages.

Tut Vid


When he started tutvid, Nathaniel Dodson wanted to give people Photoshop tutorials that were easy to follow. Now with more subscribers compared to when he first started out, he also discusses other hot topics through his video such as ‘What is creativity?’ and ‘What is responsive web design?’



Howard Pinsky is one of the popular go-to guys on YouTube when it comes to Photoshop and Lightroom training. Having started the YouTube channel in 2006, this guy has the years of experience and hundreds of videos that you can watch to turn you into a true PS master.

What proves to be the some of the bestsellers on Howard Pinsky’s huge collection is the “1min in Photoshop” series, which teaches you a few tricks that you can do in a sixty seconds.



If you’re a budding photographer or graphic designer who still has lots of room to improve on your techniques and Photoshop skills, Phlearn has a few tricks for you.

They can teach you how to whiten teeth, cut hair, and create facial hair on your subjects. They also show you how to use the different Photoshop tools, such as the pen tool and the patch tool.

They can even teach you a lot of things that you may find useful in the future, such as removing wrinkles or removing an ex-boyfriend from a picture.



Evan Eckard says very little about himself, but goes all out with his video tutorials. Most of his works show a bold artistic flair, probably influenced by his gamer lifestyle.

Aside from learning about how to make a number of photo and text effects, this is also the perfect place for you to just sit back and watch an artist do what he does best.

Terry White

Terry White

Terry has been with Adobe for over a decade and has extensive knowledge of Adobe’s Creative Professional product line. On his channel you will find tutorials covering everything from design to photography. Why should you subscribe to his channel? Because he has over 20 years of experience. This guy knows what he’s talking about.

Blue Lightning TV


With over 870,000 subscribers Blue Lightning TV is definetly doing something right. Originally founded by Marty Geller, this channels provides detailed Photoshop tutorials you can easily keep up with.

Andrei Oprinca


Andrei is the creator of PSD Box, a place where he showcases his graphic design ideas. With tutorials both in English and in Spanish, he’s got a few tricks in his channel that you just won’t find anywhere else. You can even find a few tutorials on music production, which Andrei experiments with as well.

Adobe Photoshop


Who else can teach you the basics of Photoshop than the people behind it themselves? Adobe Photoshop also has their own YouTube channel where you can learn most of the basics of the software.

Subscribing to their channel is also the best way to get a first-hand sneak peek at upgrades and new PS versions that most people probably don’t even know about yet.

Photoshop Video Tutorials

tutor vid

This channel is devoted to creating simple video tutorials. Their tutorials are consice and straight to the point. They cover everything from Photoshop to After Effects. A must subscribe channel if you’re just starting out.

Bonus: You Suck at Photoshop

you suck at photoshop

You Suck At Photoshop is a series of online Photoshop tutorials with adult-themed humor designed by Matt Bledsoe and Troy Hitch. These tutorials are educational and entertaining at the same time. Watch a few to see what I mean.

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